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Riding the winds and breaking the waves, more overseas orders swarm in the third quarter

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Under the background of the global COVID-19 epidemic, most of the sales staff from SINOMACH-HI International Equipment Co., Ltd. can’t go abroad to explore the market. In order to grasp the sales performance in the third quarter, SINOMACH-HI International Equipment Co., Ltd. has launched a battle of overseas sales. More new orders have been signed recently, and the sales has increased rapidly.

    Recently, the production and shipment of nearly 20 units of 20 tons and 30 tons excavators for Sudan and Mauritania market are in full swing. Russia and Uzbekistan customers have successfully signed dozens of new orders of wheel loader 955T and wheel loader 933 with us, while Philippines, Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka customers in Southeast Asia and South Asia have signed new orders of wheel loader 937H, wheel loader 957H and motor grader 713H with us respectively. Argentina, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay market in the American region also won orders for 20 tons excavators, motor grader 717H and wheel loaders, as well as the orders of motor graders and backhoe loaders that are sold to the United States.

      SINOMACH-HI International Equipment Co., Ltd. also held a series of special market meetings recently to lay out the medium and long-term development plans, put the operation work in the first place, find channels to increase sales, and strive to complete the annual target of the company.

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