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Grasping Epidemic prevention and management key links at the same time, SINOMACH-HI opens orders in overseas market

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Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia, SINOMACH-HI has adhered to the two-handed epidemic prevention operation. After the Chinese New Year holiday, the focus of overseas market work is to strengthen communication with customers, increase viscosity, eliminate user concerns, strengthen internal communication and connection, ensure supply, and sort out contract risks. Point and arrange personnel to prepare in advance for departure, center on market demand, seize opportunities, and ensure that the impact of the epidemic is minimized.

Orders from overseas business regions continued in February. In the Asia-Pacific region, 35 units equipment have been ordered in February, and they are ready to be sold to the Philippines, Nepal and Vietnam. The regional sales staff in the Americas attaches importance to the development of new and old agents in Argentina. Orders for batch forklifts, graders, and loaders are ready for production. The Middle East region has won orders from Saudi agents for more than 20 units equipment including loaders, graders, skid steers. West African company business personnel are stationed in services, spare parts, and business support Persistent efforts to maintain brand reputation and other aspects have also begun to bear fruit, and sales have surged. It is expected that by the beginning of March, the previous storage equipment can be basically sold out and the money will be returned. The CIS region got the Russian regional agent nearly 30 units equipment orders were signed and contracted, and the second batch of nearly 20 units equipment orders were also in the process of intensive negotiations. They also signed a set of asphalt mixing stations with Ukrainian agents.

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