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General Manager, MR. Wang Weiyan leads the team to visit Wacker Neuson and signs a strategic agreement

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Recently, Mr. Wang Weiyan, general manager of SINOMACH-HI, and chairman of SINOMACH_HI Changlin Company, was invited to visit the Wacker Neuson Group.


During the visit, Mr. Wang and his party met with the CEO of the Wacker Neuson Group, heads of procurement and quality departments, and conducted in-depth exchanges and communication on the development of their respective companies. Both parties expect to carry out in-depth cooperation in various fields and have signed framework agreements on the cooperation of structural parts.


Subsequently, Mr. Wang and his staff also visited the Wacker Neuson Group's factories in Germany, Austria and Serbia, and held talks with heads of factories in Linz, Prandendorf, and Stuttgart.

The Wacker Neuson Group is a well-known German construction machinery and equipment company and ranks among the top 20 inthe world. SINOMACH-HI Changlin has been supplying structural products to WACKER NOSON Group since 2017 and has been highly approved by each other.


This visit provided favorable support for the continuous growth of the distribution of structural components of SINOMACH-HI Changlin Co., Ltd. WACKER NOSON's management philosophy and lean production experience will also help SINOMACH Changlin Co., Ltd. to improve its management level, and at the same time lay the foundation for future cooperation between the two parties on a larger scale.

The relevant person in charge and technical staff of SINOMACH-HI Changlin Co., Ltd. accompanied the visit.





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