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The ceremony for the export of 35 excavators to Belarus was held at Changzhou base

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On November 8, the ceremony for the export of 35 excavators to Belarus was held at Changzhou base, general manager of group company, deputy party secretary Wang Weiyan attended the ceremony and delivered a speech, the supplier representatives and leaders of Changzhou base and more than 170 employees witnessed this moment .

Since the order was received in September, in order to successfully accomplish this urgent task,the state has dug up the labor competition of "20 days, complete 35 excavators" on October 13. The leadership of the company personally directed the deployment of resources, all staff work together hard, suppliers work closely with the support and coordination of all parties to overcome the difficulties, from the technical, quality, production and other aspects of strict control for the 35 excavators smoothly completed and work hard, the successful completion of this glorious and arduous task is a satisfactory answer to the group of companies, customers and related parties submitted.

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