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China SINOMACH Heavy Industry Corporation Implements Official Brand Integration

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On November 22nd, the press conference of “SINOMACH” brand integration was held in Shanghai. In the future, the brand “SINOMACH” will make its official debut by unifying the four traditional brands including CHANGLIN, LUOJIAN, DINGSHENG and CHANGJIANG.

Zeng Xiangdong, vice general manager of China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH) and Qi Jun, president of China Construction Machinery Association, and other industry leaders, guests, customer representatives together with Wu Peiguo, chairman of the board of China SINOMACH Heavy Industry Corporation, and Wang Weiyan, secretary of the company’s Communist Party, witnessed this historic moment.

In the speech, President Qi Jun fully affirmed the efforts made in brand building and promotion by China SINOMACH Heavy Industry Corporation and praised its work under the brand SINOMACH in overseas markets. He hoped that China SINOMACH Heavy Industry Corporation could take the brand integration as a new starting point to make greater contribution for the Chinese construction machinery industry.

The secretary Wang Weiyan said in his speech, the corporation will strive to make tangible breakthroughs in technological, operational types, business and cultural innovations, and constantly upgrade equipment manufacturing so as to gradually become a world-class engineering machinery brand.

Mr. Wu, in his speech, reviewed the remarkable results in brand building. In the past five years, China SINOMACH Heavy Industry Corporation has implemented the domestic development strategy of the SINOMACH brand, takenthe implementation of first-class projects, cultivation of world-class brands and enhancement of the whole Group brand image as one of the key growth strategies, formulatedthe brand implementation plan and SINOMACH products standard, carried out the special activities to enhance the quality of the SINOMACH products, conducted brand internal certification,promoted the use of co-branding transition in the domestic market, unified the use of SINOMACH brand in the international market; strengthened the external publicity efforts, invested nearly 100 million yuaninto SINOMACH brand publicity and promotion, attached great importance to SINOMACH brand’s culture to shape a good brand image. In this process, a group of medium- and high-end SINOMACH products has come out representatives of the SINOACH brand SINOMACH brand in the high-end products have come into the markets, such as motor grader with world largest horsepower, the world's largest electric bulldozers and rollers, the largest domestic loader, a full range of H-type excavators, and so on. SINOMACH brand awareness and influence have been gradually improved in the industry.

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